Magic Shows for Children

Make your child’s birthday EXTRA SPECIAL this year! 


Frankini transforms your own family room into a Showroom of Magic, where mysteries abound! Frankini performs astounding feats: eats fire, makes beautiful white doves appear and vanish. The laws of physics are suspended as everyone present experiences a world of enchantment. 

Frankini’s show is entertaining for the entire family, enjoyment for young and old alike. Of course Magic has a special place in the hearts of children who are readily able to accept that wonderful things can and do happen. 

The fairytale comes to life as they too enter into the show through many audience participation effects where they become empowered to make the magic happen. Exhilarating! 

Ordinary soap bubbles are transformed into crystal balls, then become colored when touched by different colored roses by audience members in Frankini’s Wizard Act.  Frankini's Wizard Act is especially perfect for very young children who readily relate to the wizard character. Wizards and wizard schools are very popular these days. The act is full of very visual magic that is very recognizable by younger viewers as magical, enchanted, and wonderfully unusual. The magic is safe, comfortable, and approachable so as to not frighten or startle the young.

“It was a memorable evening you created for all of us. You were Wonderful!  Those kiddies will remember the occasion - I know because I was looking at their faces during your act - all of them wreathed in smiles and riveted to their seats.   The grown-ups too!”

Richard Covello
Renowned Opera Critic,
Taken from a letter of appreciation.

The birthday child floating in mid air!

If budget, space, and set-up time allow, the Levitation* can be performed featuring the Birthday Boy or Girl. 

The child reclines on an oblong board resting on a stand about three feet high. Then the child floats up, five feet off of the ground. A solid examinable hoop is then passed over the child to prove there are no means of attachment. One of the most astounding effects in all of Magic!

The Great Frankini, creating lifelong memories!

Extreme Audience Participation the Egyptian Act as two boys exit the Sword Basket* unscathed.

The Arabian Sword Basket*, as it has come to be known, is one the greatest visual illusions presented in the field of magic today.  Two people (possibly even three children) enter a basket where there appears to be only room for one. Five examinable solid steel blades pierce the basket at all angles. There barely seems room enough for the people, let alone the swords. (Some audience members have even thought I've had to modify the stage by cutting out trap doors. I assure you, this is not the case.) The swords are removed, the children unharmed and have a wonderful story to tell after having performed in such a marvelous illusion.

Frankini Performs "The Chicken Dance of Death

Frankini becomes sightless by having silver dollars taped over his eyes along with a cloth blindfold.  The Chicken Dance of Death begins!  Using ESP alone Frankini is able to avoid smashing five fertile eggs placed anywhere on the stage by children.  The act culminates with him plunging his knife into a mess of cards, impaling only the previously selected card.   Hilarious and breathtaking at the same time!

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* All effects marked with an asterisk are large scare illusions which can be added to increase the entertainment value of your child's show.

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