As the days grow shorter
And the shadows grow longer,
The veil between the living and the dead
becomes thinner.
The falling leaves present death
In a beautiful spectrum of reds and oranges.
We wonder about our own mortality,
For we too like the leaves shall fall.
But is there to be more after that falling?
Halloween says, 

Magic has long been considered the perfect entertainment for Halloween. One reason might be that Houdini, the world's most renowned magician, died on Halloween of 1926. And he often stated that if he could return, he would. He and his wife even had a special code so she could know it was truly him. 

Another reason might be that the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, ghosts or even the Devil himself, is a form of Magic unto itself. And there are those who chose to communicate with that darker side (or appeared to), only to have their own lives cut short by religious leaders who considered it unsavory. How can their souls find rest until their stories are told and their revenge complete? 

Indeed, Halloween has deep, significant meanings that today's culture barely begins to scratch the surface of. No doubt, someone chasing you with a chainsaw might get you to ponder your mortality, but there are far more sophisticated ways. And, they use much less gasoline.

Halloween Magic for Children

As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday. In fact, my nightmares were always that I had slept through Halloween and missed out on the trick-or-treating. 

My approach to Halloween Magic for children is spooky but lighthearted. Fun takes priority over horror. Scary themes are presented in laughable ways. Nevermore, the crow, explores the literature of Edgar Allan Poe. Children are sure to add to their knock-knock joke repertoire after seeing "The Dead Comedians." Ghoulish though they may look, they are hysterical. 

Magical effects include an Opera Singing Floating Skull, a Sword through Neck reenactment of a Slasher Film, a Haunted Dollhouse wherein uncanny manifestations occur, and many others.

My Halloween Magic for Children is meant to teach them how to enjoy spooky-theme material rather than be afraid of it, because there is truly nothing to fear. But, even so, it's fun to scream!

Halloween for Grown-Ups

Frankini's Halloween for grown-ups program takes the audience on a mystical journey exploring witchcraft as well as the supernatural powers witches possess. 

You will discover how easy it is to be branded a witch as we do so to a hapless member of the audience, an innocent victim of circumstance. Death is predicted through Tarot cards and we discover there is no such thing as an untimely death.  Finally, an attempt at communication with the other side is made, and always, with terrific success. 

Frankini offers something refreshingly intelligent, thought provoking, and chilling to help you and your guests celebrate this haunted season. It is a hair-raising experience you will not soon forget. 








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