Frankini has been performing large-scale illusions for over 20 years.  In the field of Magic, the word Illusion refers to large effects that involve a human being. Whenever some one mentions “Sawing a Lady in Half,” or the “Floating Lady,” they are speaking of illusions.

The Great Frankini is able to present a variety of Magic’s classic Illusions. The grand scale of these effects as well as the personalities presented with them, greatly add to the entertainment value of a show.  Consider adding an Illusion to your show.

To ascertain what illusions are best for your event, consider these three things.

  • Budget - There is the added expense of additional assistants and cargo moving costs.

  • Location - The large nature of Illusions requires that there be enough space to perform them safely and adequately. Also, audience location may limit your choices.

  • Accessibility - Illusions require extra private time in the performance space to set up and break down.

Zig-Zag Illusion

A lady stands in an oblong box.  Her face, hands, and foot visible at all times while two blades divide the lady into three parts.  Then her middle section is  slid away from the other two for an amazing display!


(The Floating Lady)

The assistant, possibly a volunteer from the audience, reclines and rises in mid air, floating up to five feet off of the ground. A solid hoop is then passed over the floating person to assure there is no means of support.. A truly beautiful effect.


(Substitution Trunk)

The magician’s assistant is handcuffed, tied inside of a cloth bag, and locked inside of a pre-examined wooden trunk. Frankini magically changes place with his assistant in 3 seconds! The fastest illusion in all of magic.


Sawing a Lady in Half

A lady reclines in a thin oblong box with head and feet protruding. Frankini saws her in half, completely separating the two halves. The woman is restored to one piece, none the worse for her experience.


Sword Suspension

The lovely assistant, under the hypnotic spell of Frankini, is laid upon the tips of three saber swords standing on end. A feat in itself. But there’s more! Ultimately, two of the sabers are removed leaving the assistant suspended on one sword by the nape of her neck. Incredible!


Sword Basket

Two people, possibly audience members, are placed into a small basket there seems to be barely room for one. Five solid steel swords then pierce the basket at all angles. Amazingly, the assistants emerge unharmed! I have also put a member of the audience into the basket along with of one my female assistants. Great Fun!



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