About The Great Frankini

The Great Frankini (Frank J. Glab), award-winning magician, gave his first magic show at the age of eight and his love and enthusiasm of magic has been going strong ever since. His collection of magical apparatus, many are of his own making and design, combined with his manual dexterous skill, make his show quite a delight for both younger and more mature audiences. Studying theater in college as well as continuing work in Chicago area theater and opera has greatly enhanced his ability to present these magical effects in an entertaining manner.  Frankini is currently pursuing a Master's degree in voice from Northeastern Illinois University. 

Some of his effects are as small as an imaginary deck of cards. Others are as large as sawing a lady in half.  He is able to present astounding feats like fire eating, levitation, and ESP effects that will have you convinced he’s reading your mind.  No matter the size, all of his effects pack an amazing wallop. 

A real Renaissance man, his performances are bursting with creativity and fun. He is a truly magical entertainer you will be happy to have seen and will not soon forget.

Other Useful Facts

  • He has a Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance.

  • Beyond the traditional “Tails and Top Hat” magician, Frankini also incorporates other magic characters during his show including a Wizard Character, and an Ancient Egyptian Character performing uniquely stylized magical effects.  For information on all the magic characters, click here.

  • Clowning in the European tradition is another service Frankini offers. Juggling and classic clowning routines are the core of the circus act. Juggling includes balls, clubs, knives, torches, and cigar boxes in the W.C. Fields style. When available, a juggling partner, dressed as a Ringmaster, accompanies Frankini. Together, they perform comedy stunts as well as two man juggling feats. 

  • Frankini uses live white albino doves in his show.   The doves are very tame and friendly.  Often, if the host allows, children are allowed to pet the birds after the show.

  • Frank J. Glab is the full time director of Music Ministries at St. Rene Goupil Church in Chicago.  He is an accomplished organist, pianist, singer and musical conductor.  He is presently pursuing a Masters degree in vocal performance at Northeastern Illinois University. 


“It was a memorable evening you created for all of us.  You were wonderful! Those kiddies will remember the occasion - I know because I was looking at their faces during your act - all of them wreathed in smiles and riveted to their seats. The grown-ups too!”

- Richard Covello, renowned Opera Critic 4/9/02

Interesting Quotes

“As the two crystal balls spin on an inverted plate, (crystal balls that were previously soap bubbles blown by children,) we sense a deeper inner knowing that there is much more to the bubbles than soap and air, much more to centrifugal force than circles, and more power in each of us to transform the world around us than we’ve ever dreamed.” 

- A mother who saw the show

“And then the bubbles changed color as we touched them with roses.” 

- Her child

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