Table Magic

Coffee, Tea, or The Great Frankini?!?

Frankini presents miniature illusions in an intimate style known as close-up magic, where the table becomes a miniature stage and the lovely assistants are you and your guests!

Frankini excels in this performance style of magic and is the 2005 Chicago Close-up Magic Champion!

To be certain, magical effects performed on stage or on TV can be remarkable. But nothing compares to magic performed right under you nose!

Table magic (or Close-up magic) is an art form unto its own. Extremely intimate, close-up magic will leave you amazed wondering how it happened in such close proximity.

Frankini is a real expert technician with a deck of cards as well as a master entertainer, taking card tricks to a higher level. His act includes the classic effects of close-up magic as well as many other routines.

Frankini's witty and charming personality combined with his manual dexterity allows him to excel at this intimate style of entertainment. Your guests will marvel at the one on one personal contact involved in it. Close-up magic creates memories, as people never forget the unbelievable things that happened right before their very eyes!

Improve the Profitability of Restaurants, Bars, and Hospitality Suites 
like MAGIC!

  • Slow night of the week at your Bar or Restaurant? Frankini can change that, magically!

  • Be sure your guests are entertained as they wait for tables in your dining room or bar. They won't even think about going anywhere else!

  • Encourage guests to stay longer so they can get involved in the individual magical entertainment, and watch your bar and food tabs grow as a result.

  • Watch your guests loosen up and interact more as they react with amazement over the magic Frankini presents.

  • Relish the special feeling your guests will leave with, knowing they have received a personal performance of their very own. You can bet they will be back with friends.

Feel free to contact The Great Frankini at any time for any of your entertainment needs !  




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